My name is Ed Sore and although recently retired, has worked for and been the sales manager for Venture tape for 28 years. Venture Tape and I have been pleased and proud both to know Victor Lezcano as a person and work with him and Insulation Specialties for almost all of their 28 years.

Insulation Specialties Contracting is one of the most professional and diverse contracting firms with which we work. Compared to other companies, Insulation Specialties Contracting offers a very broad range of service to their customers, from fireproofing, insulation fabrication, commercial and industrial insulation to spray on acoustical materials. To be skilled in these areas, require the utmost in-training programs and they provide the highest level of service and workmanship to the customers they service each day and at the same time provide the highest level of safety for the field personnel who represent them on their various projects.

I would highly recommend Insulation Specialties Contracting as a contractor for your next project.

Ed Sore Venture Tape

Specialty Products & Insulation out of Jacksonville, FL has been doing business with Insulation Specialties Contracting Corporation for approximately eleven years.  Rick Bass has been the lead contact for our company and has a very good working relationship with Victor Lezcano.  Due to our close relationship, we have been able to provide many materials exported to Puerto Rico such as Armaflex pipe covering, Foamglas block and fittings, fiberglass products and adhesives along with other sundry products.  We are very fortunate to be able to have such a long and successful relationship with Insulation Specialties Contracting Corporation.  They treat their suppliers with great fairness and are very responsible when it comes to the quoting and ordering processes that we encounter when doing business with them.

The export business can be challenging when it comes to logistics, communication of materials needed, and the pricing that goes along with this type of business.  Insulation Specialties Contracting Corporation, due to their great communication with us makes this process very easy and are a pleasure to deal with.  We would recommend them to anyone who wants to deal with an organization that is fair, honest and supportive to their customers.

Rick Bass Specialty Products & Insulation

IIG would like to thank Insulation Specialties for their support over the many years. Their staff exhibits expert knowledge on the industrial product lines we manufacture and carries that professional pedigree thru to the end users within the market.

Jay Oates Industrial Insulation Group

As a supplier to Insulation Specialties Contracting Corp. we can say it is always a pleasure doing business with your company .  Your company reflects professionalism, a great work ethic, integrity and application skills which you can be very proud of.  We know when Insulation Specialties are applying any of our Albi products our name and reputation are in excellent hands.  We also know every project completed with you company will result in another opportunity, thanks to your company’s performance.  Thanks you for your business and thank you for your company’s commitment to honesty, integrity and professionalism in providing superior installations at fair and competitive prices.

W. Casey West StanChem, Inc. / Albi